Lunar New Year is the traditional Tet holiday of the Vietnamese people. This is also the family gathering, reunited together after hard working days. For Vietnamese people, Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of the year.

Experiencing many changes of history but the traditional customs of the Vietnamese still retain the identity of the nation.

TET market

Tet market is not the same as the regular market of the year. Tet market is always bigger, more fun, more air. People go to Tet market not only for shopping but also to meet, to enjoy the eager atmosphere when Tet. Preparing for the three days of Tet is not just about "having a meal", which is a habit, getting up to the festive atmosphere. Tet market is located in the large land, can be established in the market where the market is usually purchased. But in the Tet market, almost all "delicious dishes" are sold. Lunar New Year is really permeated by these days because of the heavy buyer basket.

The Lunar New Year is the main holiday and new year in Vietnam
The Lunar New Year is the main holiday and new year in Vietnam

Trees on New Year’s Day

The tree is a bamboo about 5 – 6 meters high. At the top often hang many things (depending on the local) such as gold code, strawberry wine braid, paper carp (for apples used as means of heaven), sometimes dangling the car Each time the wind blows, the earthquakes collide making the tinkling sound very happy … The ancient people believe that the hanging objects in the tree, plus the sound of the ground, is to signal to the devil that this place is home to the owner, not to harass …

In the evening, many houses hung a lantern in the tree for ancestors to know the way home for Tet with their children. On the night of the fire, the fireworks in the tree said to celebrate the New Year, chasing the devil or the unlucky. The tree is usually erected on December 23, the day when the army went to heaven to the end of the seventh day, if the tree is lowered.

New Year couplets

In order to decorate the house and to reward Xuan, from the grapevine to the popular "ancient" still gravely suspended "red sentence" on Tet. These sentences are written in Japanese (black or yellow) on red or cherry red paper, so they are commonly referred to as red sentences.

New Year

The North often chooses red peach trees to be planted on the altar or peach tree decorated in the house, because in the Chinese view, digging has the power to exclude ghosts and all evil, red contains vitality, red peach color The color is good luck, like prayer and blessing spring.

Central and Southern yellow or yellow apricot trees, yellow represents the nobility of high glory, yellow also represents the king (feudal). Yellow onion in the Five Elements, from the Vietnamese perspective, Turkey is located in the center and yellow represents the development of the race.

Besides two kinds of flowers typical for Tet is peach and apricot, almost every house has more flowers to worship and flower decoration. Worship flowers can be like marigold flowers, Chrysanthemum, layering, tuberose …; Flowers to decorate like roses, daffodils, dahlia flowers, violet flowers, … And often the trees are decorated in the living room, the tree with green peach, white flowers mottled, ripe yellow fruit, rounded, sumsy symbolizes fertility, prosperity, fullness, fullness results.

The color of Tet

The main color in Tet is still red, according to the red color is the talent and luck. New Year’s Day is filled with red: red sentence, red envelope, red watermelon, red melon seeds, red calendar, red calendar. Vietnamese people also like red flowers such as persimmons, peach blossoms, etc. In the past when the firecrackers were allowed to burn, the streets were flooded with red cedar fireworks uninterrupted since Eve. To brighten the day, and then blast until the end of the "new one!" The choice of red dress to wear is also a very popular custom on New Year.

The custom of worshiping the apple

Annually, on December 23, Vietnamese people have the tradition of offering apples. The Kitchen God, or the Kitchen God, is responsible for keeping track of everything that happens in the house and then making plans for Heaven. Every year, every December 23, every house will clean up the house, clean kitchen and then make offerings to Apple to heaven, thanks to him reported good things to a new year of peace and good luck. .

As a rule, worshiping the apple is placed in the kitchen and must have carp because of the tradition that Apple is riding carp to the sky.

Ancestor worship

This is the ceremony to invite grandparents to celebrate Tet with their children. In the afternoon of December 30, ancestral altars display a tray of fruit and food. The patriarch burned incense on the altar, begged the ancestors to witness and bless the family with many blessings in the new year. After that, everyone in the family clasped hands with grandparents and grandparents to celebrate Tet.

Continuing the land of the year

 The dawn means the first morning of the year, when everything is started, fresh and pure. Therefore, after the time of countdown at 12 o’clock at the end of the year, the first guest to visit the owner in the new year is the "landed", the messenger due to the luck brought. In terms of folklore, the landowner has an important influence on the posture of the house in the new year.

Therefore, people have carefully considered the dignity, the function, the wealth, as well as the character, the limitation when it comes to arriving home early days is more important. Because of the impact of the earthquake on business for the whole year, seniors are very cautious of the first arrival on the day of the solemn day to bring them good fortune during the new year.

Happy New Year

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the children gather in the patriarch’s house to celebrate the Ancestors’ Day and to wish the Lunar New Year, the chiefs. According to the conception, every new year, each person is one year old, so the first day of the New Year is the day of grandchildren "wishful" grandparents and senior citizens (old days, often do not remember the date of birth should Only one year old is coming.

Lucky money

Lunar New Year is a good cultural tradition of the Vietnamese and many countries in the region, with the desire for the best and get lucky from the beginning of the new year. Lucky money is not limited to the New Year but can be lucky during the first three days of the year, even extending to the last days of Tet like the 9th, 10th. think nice. Feng shui symbolizes privacy – do not want to have a scandal leading to friction, not happy on New Year Red lilacs are often red, with red Asians one of the most popular colors in festivals. Moreover, the lucky envelops also symbolize the fortune – people receive or give away as many lucky money, the more people believe that they have developed wealth …

Please take the letter spring

According to the custom of the Vietnamese people, every second of Tet, people have been anxious to ask for a happy new year. Letter applicants include young people, adults, and students. Elegant lines such as flying dragon phoenix dance, showing the aesthetics of the applicant and the ability to write beautiful words for people.

The begining of the year has long been a popular day, it is becoming a beautiful custom of the Vietnamese each spring to the New Year. In Hanoi, this happens in many places: in the private homes of some well-known literati, on the street where there is a large summer and many passersby. The most impressive place is the courtyard of Mieu Van, around the streets of Ba Trieu street, the intersection with Tran Hung Dao … Please be a cultural beauty should be promoted. Only one letter hanging in front of the moral and life significance for specific people will be worth more than the cliché.



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